Live Streaming Diestro

Live Streaming

Last June 2nd, we held our first virtual event together with biochemist and quality specialist Paola Lorenzo, where we addressed…

Día del Bioquímico

Biochemist’s Day

In Argentina, Biochemist’s Day is commemorated every June 15. We would  like to know, if  you have this celebration day in your country, when it is and why.

Diestro en MedLab Middle East

Medlab Meddle East

We initiate the calendar year by announcing Diestro’s participation in Medlab Middle East, a large-scale clinical laboratory exhibition. From February…

Diestro en MEDICA 2019 Düsseldorf, Alemania


From November 18 to 21, we will present the Diestro instruments at the “MEDICA 2019” World Medicine Fair in Dusseldorf,…